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BULGARIA OUTSOURCING COMPANY OUR DELIVERY CENTER N° 2 : PLOVDIV, RILON CENTER Grade A building, 60 positions, 24 Hours Security, 300 square meters, Monday to Saturday Europe GMT working hours, can be extended 24X24 H Super high speed [...]

EGYPT BPO company in Cairo

EGYPT BPO COMPANY OUR DELIVERY CENTER IN CAIRO, EGYPT Top BPO facility in Egypt > Cairo, Maadi 40 positions 24 hours security English & Arabic languages, +4 languages : Italian, French, greek, Spanish Company opens 24X24 , 7X7, [...]


BULGARIA BPO COMPANY OUR DELIVERY CENTER N° 1 : PLOVDIV OFFICE PARK 150 square meters in shared facility 40 positions, Grade A building, 24 hours security 6X7, Super high speed fiber, Multilingual data entry services with data entry [...]


DATA ENTRY COMPANY MADAGASCAR OUR DELIVERY CENTER N°2 : TSIMBAZAZA, Antananarivo, 250 Square meters, 60 positions, 24 hours security, From Monday to Saturday, 4 redundant internet lines (Fiber, 4G, ADSL and satellite), Electricity security  : 2 Electric generators, [...]

Madagascar BPO company

MADAGASCAR BPO COMPANY OUR DELIVERY CENTER N°1 : ANDAVAMANBA, Antananarivo, 101, 350 Square meters on 3 floors, 120 positions, BPO Company running 24X24,7X7, 365X365, 24H security, 3 internet lines : 2 fiber cables + 4G, 2 Electric Generators, [...]

Outsourcing in Eastern Europe countries comparison

OUTSOURCING IN EASTERN EUROPE COUNTRIES COMPARISON Which country is THE BEST TO OUTSOURCE PROJECTS ? Outsourcing in Eastern Europe offers great advantages like : Real time collaboration Highly skilled people Cost savings Languages availability Cultural affinity But all the countries in Eastern [...]

Nearshoring versus Offshoring (nearshore outsourci...

Nearshoring versus offshoring Nearshore outsourcing versus offshore outsourcing When it’s time to choose an outsourcing destination many companies confront the following dilemma first, before choosing the country and the vendor : ” Do we have to choose an offshore or a nearshore vendor” …

Co-sourcing versus Outsourcing

CO-sourcing versus Outsourcing Co-sourcing is a relatively new model in the industry  compare to classic outsourcing It offers to clients a full control over the staff (dedicated team), with complete salary costs transparency, a mix of in-house and outsourced team working [...]