How to choose a provider for Resume processing outsourcing

How to choose a provider for Resume processing outsourcing

A Résumé is understood to be a document that enables a person to present her background and relevant accomplishments in a concise manner. It is often used interchangeably with a Curriculum Vitae, or CV, and bio-data, though there could be subtle differences, like the Résumé being more detailed than a CV or bio-data.

A Résumé is prepared in a specific context. Hence, an individual could have multiple versions. However, the most common usage of a Résumé is as an essential artifact in the process of employment.

For the jobseeker, it serves to help her put her best foot forward and present credentials to the employer in a manner that would aid the process of being hired. For the employer, it serves as the first step in a sequence at the end of which they would choose the person they would like to hire. In most cases, the initial shortlisting is done on the bases of the submitted Résumé. Hence, careful perusal is required so that they neither shortlist undeserving candidates nor eliminate suitable ones.

Thus, the relevance of this document in the context of employment cannot be overstated. The increasing relevance of this document is driving demand for resume processing outsourcing.

oWorkers is one of the few operators who have a 100% focus on data and content-oriented assignments and ensure that they excel in their chosen field.


What does it contain?

A Résumé is a personalized document. Each individual preparing it can choose to create it in a manner that is believed to present her case in a favorable light.

That being said, there are certain baseline expectations of what it should cover. It is expected that it would provide details of prior work experience. It is expected that the educational background of the individual would be covered. With these two sections as anchors, the Résumé could cover some or all of the following:

  • Achievements (this could also be covered within the section on work experience)
  • Interests
  • Personal particulars such as family details and locational preferences
  • Contact information

Of course, it should be understood that the information provided should hold some relevance to the context. Scuba diving as an interest might have little meaning when applying for a role in accounts payable for a chemical manufacturer.

CV processing outsourcing services offered by oWorkers can work with a wide variety of CVs and ensure that they become suitable for the use of its clients. oWorkers supports work in over 20 languages. This substantially expands their ability to handle global operations. Clients can be confident that as they expand their footprint, they have a vendor who will be able to support it and will be an enabler for growth.


The challenge with shortlisting through a Résumé

With formal employment rising, the need to hire resources has been going up. Modern technologies have reduced information asymmetry. Online job posts and advertisements are visible to huge audiences.

As a result, the number of applications for jobs has been increasing.

While it might sound like a good thing for an employer to know so many people are interested in working for them, on the processing side, it becomes a nightmare. If they have 500 applications for a role, they need to go through all to do justice to the applicants and ensure they are finding the best fit.

This takes time and costs resources in the form of time and money.

In their quest for seeking efficiency in all processes, many companies are resorting to technological solutions to aid the shortlisting process. Tools that can do Résumé parsing, or analyzing the submitted documents and extracting the relevant information from them, are gaining in popularity.

This is where the challenge usually comes in. The Résumés are in such diverse formats that summarizing them through a tool yields only limited accuracy. Some people create a chronological Résumé, some create functional ones. Some go chronologically forward and some backward. Some use employer names in the headers while others use dates and job titles. The variety is endless.

Even for a parsing tool to produce useful results, often pre-processing is required. BPO providers are stepping up, as they have often done in the past, and offering resume processing outsourcing and CV processing outsourcing services to enable organizations to hire in an efficient manner.

With its ability to add resources at short notice, oWorkers makes it easy for challenges thrown up by client processes to be handled. oWorkers can hire an additional hundred resources within 48 hours.


What does CV processing outsourcing do?

An outsourced partner can add value to the hiring process of a company by ensuring that details contained in a Resume is presented in a manner that decision-makers have the best chance of identifying the most suitable candidates.

It often involves the categorization and classification of information in a standard format preferred by the employer, which makes it easier to scan through them as they now know what to expect in what place. It could involve highlighting keywords and phrases that are relevant. It could even mean some amount of editing, though that is generally a no-go area as editing could end up changing the meaning of what the applicant has presented.

Resume processing outsourcing could also involve a restructuring of the information in order that it becomes suitable to be processed by the client’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or a parsing tool being used by them, for better results. This may be a lighter touch processing.

oWorkers has worked hard to create relationships with technology companies, which helps them access the latest technologies for use in projects. These relationships provide additional options to them for creating solutions.


How to select a partner for Resume processing outsourcing

If yours is a company drowning under the deluge of CVs for every role you post, while on the one hand, you may pat yourself on the back for being a company that so many want to work for, you also need to ensure that the received applications are not wasted and that you are able to select the best out of them.

If you have determined that Resume processing outsourcing is the way to go, the only thing that remains to be done is selecting a partner to do it for you.

Of course, it is easier said than done. You need to ensure that you are selecting the most suitable vendor for the task at hand and that you are using the right criteria for evaluating interested parties.

What could some of these evaluation criteria be?

Ability to deliver high quality consistently

Capability in the required segment will always need to be the first, and foremost evaluation criterion.

It is advisable to pick a vendor with experience in the field of work. This way, the learning curve is shorter and your company may also get the benefit of improvement they have been able to bring about in the process as a result of work done for other clients.

This does not mean that bidders without prior experience should be directly disqualified. If that were to happen, nobody will be able to do anything. After all, there is always a first time. Some of the bidders may be keen on building expertise in this area of work and hence might be willing to be flexible in other terms and conditions. Sincere parties without the specific experience but who can demonstrate a credible and consistent record of excellence in delivery can also be considered, though it might mean greater monitoring, at least initially.

oWorkers is less than ten years old in the industry. In this short period, it has managed to reach the pinnacle of success and is now recognized as one of the top three providers in its chosen space of data-based BPO services, including Resume processing outsourcing. It is a result of the consistently high quality to scores of satisfied clients around the world.

Ability to hire suitable resources at the right price point

Human resources remain the key to the success of a BPO enterprise. They form the core of the business. It must be remembered that what could be automated has been automated. Extracting efficiency and price advantages from the rest of the processes is where BPO providers add value. These are activities that perforce must be done manually.

Many BPOs look for talent availability as one of the main factors based on which they make decisions to locate delivery centers.

Being known as preferred employers in each of their delivery locations is something oWorkers is proud of. It demonstrates their commitment to and involvement with local communities while ensuring their clients have access to rich veins of talent for their Resume processing outsourcing needs. While some of their competitors prefer to rely on contractors and freelancers for delivery, oWorkers has consistently followed a policy of working primarily with employed staff. With many of them rising to supervisory levels, there is a sharpness in the delivery of oWorkers that competitors struggle to match.

Ability to deploy the best technology in a secure manner

If human resources are the revenue driver for BPOs, technology is the key enabler and the backbone. In fact, in some ways, the industry owes its rapid growth and reach to the developments in communications and technology over the last few decades.

As often happens, each step forward is beset with new challenges that emerge. The reliance on networks to transfer huge volumes of data and take data out of the secure office to vendor sites for processing has created issues of security. The reliance on the cloud for storage and processing has opened up further cans of worms for companies whose data is being processed.

oWorkers operates out of secure facilities and networks that are ISO certified (27001:2013 & 9001:2015). Physical segregation of areas in which a client’s work is being done is also possible through access control measures. On accounts of operating from the Eurozone, GDPR compliance is a requirement for oWorkers, not a choice. Its employees sign non-disclosure agreements and operate under supervision. 

Ability to provide quick turnaround for transactions

In the classical operations or delivery optimization, speed of delivery is ranged along with quality and cost as the three corners of the ‘Iron Triangle.’ Every organization attempts to maximize all three, eventually settling at an optimal combination.

The faster something is done, the more of it can be done. Business wants more. Business wants fast. The speed of processing is a key determinant of processing ability.

That work can be handled in any part of the globe provides an automatic advantage in terms of turnaround time. When the client switches off for the day, the provider may just be starting its day. Thus, by the time the client starts the next day, tasks remaining at night would have been completed, as if by magic.

Adding to this magical ability is the oWorkers commitment to operate on a 24×7 basis, in each of their centers, throughout the year. With an operation running 24×7, 365 days a year, they can let clients choose the speed at which they want to operate.

Ability to provide industry-leading pricing

Whether we like it or not, pricing remains an essential ingredient in any commercial engagement. Revenue is what commercial organizations live for.

At times, pricing is accorded undue importance by both parties, simply because it is transparent and measurable, while other factors used for the evaluation may not be. This is the reason it has been introduced at the lower end of this list so that it is not assumed to be the most important parameter.

Instead of choosing the best or lowest price, an effort must be made to evaluate pricing in the context of the other factors relevant to CV processing outsourcing, mainly the quality of work. In fact, a price that is ‘too low’ should also be a cause for concern. What you don’t want is a partner willing to offer steep cuts for getting the business, but thereafter cutting corners on delivery and generally being a nuisance.

The oWorkers model of giving a choice between output-based and input-based pricing is the envy of other BPOs as clients seem to love it. In any case, oWorkers offers industry-leading pricing, as it runs a tight ship. Even its hiring processes are streamlined and efficient as, in most cases, they get walk-in applicants to fill the open positions, reducing expenditure on advertisements and job posts. The savings find their way back to clients through the pricing model.

Overall management and financial health

The senior management defines the direction of the company and its focus areas. When a future contract is being negotiated, the involvement of the senior team can be a good reflection of their interest in the engagement.

Besides, financial health can be used as a barometer of the company’s ability to deliver on its promises. A financially strapped enterprise is likely to look for cutting corners in order to save pennies. This can be disastrous for the business they are serving. Financial limitations can also prevent the BPO company from investing in technology and process improvement when required. It is important for a potential partner to demonstrate financial soundness.

oWorkers has been a profitable enterprise since its inception. It is led by a team that has several decades of hands-on industry experience. They operate as locally registered entities and pay social and local taxes for their employees.


In conclusion

With oWorkers, that is not all you get.

You get the ability to create business contingency with the help of the multiple geographies from which oWorkers delivers.

You get your own representatives in the form of a team of Quality Analysts (QAs) who keep a check on the operational activities and bring in the leadership team as and when required. You don’t even need to pay for this team.

Many clients note savings reaching 80% when they compare outsourcing costs with their pre-outsourcing situation.

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