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Oworkers is a multilingual BPO services company offering a wide variety of Business Process Outsourcing services with multi delivery centers in Bulgaria, Egypt and Madagascar with more than 400 employees.



The favourite business process destination for companies from French and some English projects, Madagascar is at the moment the most cost-effective place on Earth for data processing outsourcing services, especially for French , non complex english and non related languages data operation but also for Chinese and some Latin languages.

With our high security infrastructure and experienced offshore workers, we can deliver multilingual BPO services at a very low cost while maintaining high-quality deliverables and scalability.

Our first center was built in Antananarivo in 2013 and now we have two delivery centers in the location : one for simple big volume data entry or data annotation projects, and another for more complex operations delivered by senior operators. 

We are ISO 9001 and GDPR compliant in this location with strong SCC and DPA. 



Located inside the Eurozone, Bulgaria is an ideal multilingual business process outsourcing destination for companies who are looking to stay GDPR compliant with a location inside Europe.

Ranked as the best European outsourcing destination for multilingual BPO services multiple times, Bulgaria offers huge advantages: 

  • High availability of educated and multilingual top talents (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and 20+ more languages
  • Europe’s lowest operating costs
  • Very stable country with a very low employees turnover

At the moment, Oworkers has one delivery center in Plovdiv, highly secured with biometry and 24X7 guarded entrance, the second biggest city in Bulgaria which offers a better work/life balance than the capital Sofia, along with lower labour costs and higher availability of top-quality talents. 

We are also ISO 27001 in this location.



Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, is at the moment, one of the top-ranked worldwide business process outsourcing destinations,  discover why to outsource to Egypt. 

Cairo offers native Arabic language capability but is also rich in fluent English speakers (more than 2 million talents), Italian, Spanish, greek capabilities and some other languages, a huge amount of BPO talents, and at the moment is one of the locations with the lowest operational costs worldwide, super low employees turnover and one of the best skills value .

Oworkers’ Cairo delivery center for multilingual BPO services is located in Maadi, the best area for business in the city.

We can provide Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, greek and Turkish operators from this location.

Some of our partners for Data security


Ensuring very strong data security and integrity is our FIRST priority as your multilingual business process outsourcing partner. 

Oworkers implement very strict data security policy following the ISO 27001 framework both in terms of ensuring adequate technology infrastructure and strong measures to ensure consistent implementation of data security best practices along with our managers, employees, and IT departments.

Our data security policy and processes ensure for example very strong Physical access control, electronic access control, isolation control, Pseudonymisation, Integrity, Availability and resilience, testing, assessment and evaluation.

 This ensures 100% data integrity with zero possibility of breaches and errors.

We understood your security concerns, and you can ask anytime to our DPO (Data Protection Officer) for :


We are proud in being a multilingual BPO company who are doing socially responsible outsourcing

All our employees in all our locations are under appropriate health care benefits and social security systems. 

We are helping thousands of families all around the world to get better living conditions, especially in Madagascar and Egypt where 75% of our workers are female giving them tremendous advantages when compared to the current standards in these countries. 

We also have a very low employees turnover rate (high retention) compared to the industry standard (1.7 % in 2021 for us instead of around 20% for the BPO industry average.)

For feedback from some of our employees check our Glassdoor profile.

You can also ask for our Global Ethical outsourcing and Modern Slavery Policy

GDPR compliance

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the strictest and toughest privacy and security regulation in the world. 

Although it was originally drafted and passed by the European Union (EU), GDPR imposes obligations to any organisations located anywhere that target or collect data related to people in the EU. GDPR was put into effect on May 25, 2018, requiring  companies processing  EU data to keep an up-to-date and detailed list of their processing activities and be prepared to show these lists to regulators upon request.

Oworkers is a GDPR-compliant multilingual BPO company for all its centers with super strong security protocols for your data.

You can ask us anytime for our GDPR data protection policy, our DPA (Data Processing Agreement)  template, our SCC template (Standard Contractual Clauses), we can also help you to proceed with a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment.) Alternatively, you can talk directly with our DPO (Data Protection Officer) based in Europe. We are following the same policy and protocols for other similar laws as CCPA in USA (California Consumer Privacy Act), PIPL in China or Datenschutzgesetz in Switzerland for example.


Oworkers is a team of highly experienced multilingual business process outsourcing experts, accumulating more than 25 years of experience in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry in different countries around the world. 

Our multilingual BPO team is equipped with a strong knowledge of outsourcing best practices: 

  • Reaching KPIs like productivity rate &  turnaround time 
  • Strong QA (Quality Assurance) to ensure top accuracy in every project
  • Top online reporting 
  • Knowledge and expertise to ensure the best possible tools and solutions are used in each project

With Oworkers, you can be sure that we will help you improve your cost-efficiency, flexibility, scalability and operational excellence.




Head of development

21 years of experience in the BPO industry, management of multi sites & multi countries operations. Align the developments with the strategy.



Head of finance

15 years experience as a CPA, Master in finance and administration. Supervision of the finance processes


Hassan Mohammed

Production manager

11 years of experiences in Support, Supervision & performance management.



IT manager & DPO

12 years of experience in servers management of more than 500 workstations. Security expert



Head of production

25 years experience as a BPO production manager on multi sites - multi countries with strong track records for Fortune 500 companies.



Production manager

More than 10 years experiences in Team performance supervision & training, processes oriented approach.



HR manager

Strong experience ( 5 y++) in head hunting and employees management



Head of sales
USA New york

10 years experiences in BTB sales in the offshoring & nearshoring BPO industry. Leading the sales team with best practices.



Production Manager

14 years of experience in Data Processing operations. Supervision of the project management team



HR Manager

10+ years Strong experience in head hunting and employees management


Project Management



Back office Senior Project manager



Back office Senior Team lead



Customer service Senior project manager



Back office Senior Team lead



Back office Senior Team lead


Project Management



CUSTOMER SERVICE / Senior project manager



BACK OFFICE operations / Senior project manager



Senior project manager



CUSTOMER SERVICE / Senior project manager



CATALOGS BACK OFFICE Senior project manager



Senior Project manager



BACK OFFICE operations / Senior project manager



INVOICING BACK OFFICE / Senior project manager



ACCOUNTING (FAO) / Senior project manager



CRM BACK OFFICE Senior project manager


Project Management



BACK OFFICE / Project Manager



Project Manager Assistant



QA : Quality Assurance Manager



Team Leader


Experienced  supervisors, quality assurance agents & operators taking care of day-to-day operations
>> see our employees on LINKED IN & check our BLOG  for pictures of our delivery centers


Our multilingual BPO services company serves a wide variety of industries and types of clients, including but not limited to: 


Oworkers can take care of the manual data entry tasks and validate huge datasets in documents.


Oworkers can help tackle the high-volume data entry and data categorization on large databases of products or services, common with eCommerce sites. May also involve data categorization in third-party vendor catalogs with different taxonomies.


AI companies may decide to outsource the annotation (labeling and categorization) process of millions of data (images, videos, audio, texts, geotag) for establishing datasets used in the machine learning processes.


Oworkers multilingual BPO services help these companies with 24/7 multilingual moderation service at an affordable rate.


These organizations may decide to outsource the audio and video transcription processes, with Oworkers offering transcription outsourcing at the best rate in the market.


Oworkers can help in the data entry processes for invoices or validating invoices while leveraging OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools.

Some big names who trust our BPO services



Oworkers is a multilingual BPO company with more than 10 years of experience. Our management has a cumulative 25+ years of experience in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.


We offer scalable solutions to ‘follow’ you in your growth. You can easily increase or decrease the size of your outsourced team on very short notice.


We take pride in our state-of-the-art, secure facilities and the consistent implementation of protocols and policies to ensure your data security. We are compliant with ISO certifications (27001:2013 & 9001:2015)


Our multilingual BPO company is highly specialized in data entry and content-oriented projects. Proven track records and consistent implementation of best practices in the industry.


We only employ 100% employees and no freelancers with a very strong screening process for education level, IQ,EQ, language proficiency, and experience level.


Oworkers follows very strict protocols to ensure GDPR compliance, especially for sensible data transmission.


Our multilingual BPO services offer up to 80% cost savings compared to US-based or Western Europe-based services without compromising the quality of work.


We serve our clients in more than 25+ languages.


We have been ranked

Top 1 data entry services company
in the world for multiple times

BPO, as we know, is an abbreviation for Business Process Outsourcing, but what actually does it mean?

To really understand BPO, we have to understand two different concepts: business process, and outsourcing, so let’s discuss them one by one:

First, outsourcing, according to Investopedia, is the practice of hiring an external party outside an organization to perform tasks that were traditionally performed in-house. For example, if you are a company that traditionally cleans your building with in-house employees, then hires an external company to perform the cleaning, you are outsourcing the cleaning process of your business. 

Second, a business process can be defined as an activity or a set of activities that when executed will accomplish a specific business objective (or goal.) Every business has at least one business process, and typically multiple business processes in its day-to-day operations. For example, in a restaurant business, the process of preparing and cooking its signature dish is a business process.

So, what is business process outsourcing (BPO)? Simply put, it’s the act of outsourcing one or more business processes of a company to an outside party. 

Companies can outsource their business process to multilingual BPO service providers, for example:

  • Outsourcing data entry processes, for example for updating product data on eCommerce sites
  • Outsourcing customer support calls to offshore workers to minimize cost.
  • Outsourcing employee benefits administration and payroll processing to a company specializing in this service


A Brief History of BPO Services

Business Process Outsourcing is certainly not a brand new concept, and in fact, it has been around for quite some time. Yet, it was not always what it is today where workers from the Philippines can work remotely over the internet to perform tasks of a U.S.-based company.

In the sixties and early seventies, business and prosperity were blooming, and many retail franchises were rapidly growing. Soon enough, these businesses felt the effects of the continuously increasing workload and began the idea of separating business process activities that were not customer-facing. Many believe that this is where the very first outsourcing—as we know it today— happened. For example, a business in this period that is located in expensive New York can move its large-scale processing activities to other companies that are located in the more affordable New Jersey, allowing the processing to be done in a much more inexpensive manner.

By the early eighties, industries and companies kept growing, and work volumes kept rising. At the same time, communication technologies have also improved, and air travel frequency has also risen continuously. Ultimately these allow businesses to outsource their process to further (and cheaper) locations.

Communication technologies kept improving throughout the eighties and nineties, while competition across different industries kept rising. By the turn of the millennium, offshore outsourcing is now possible, allowing businesses to take advantage of its lower cost, as well as the faster turnaround time of offshore outsourcing thanks to time zone differences. BPO companies offering offshore outsourcing, for example with workers from India and the Philippines, started gaining popularity during this period.

Finally, in the 2010s and 2020s, BPO services evolved into the same ones we know today: remote cloud-based working, newer tasks and processes, and automation across many different activities are increasingly becoming the common offerings of the majority of BPO service providers.

How Can a Multilingual BPO Service Provider Help Your Business?

The modern business environment is an interconnected and interdependent one, and we should not solely rely on our business’s internal prowess. 

By performing BPO, the business is transferring portions of its workflow to external suppliers rather than completing them internally, with two key benefits: 

  • Reduce costs: for some tasks, building an in-house team or hiring an expert employee can be more expensive than outsourcing the task to an outside party. For example, a business can outsource its customer support to offshore workers in countries with lower labor costs.
  • Freeing time: by outsourcing tasks that are repetitive and/or time-consuming, you can free up your employees’ valuable time so they can focus on tasks that will contribute more to achieving your organization’s objectives.

In short, a multilingual BPO service provider adds value to your company by performing tasks more efficiently and effectively than doing them yourself. 

This additional efficiency could happen due to a variety of reasons: bulk volume lowering labor costs, better tools, and technology (that’d otherwise be very expensive for you to invest in), or greater expertise/experience, among other reasons. The bottom line is that multilingual BPO service providers can perform your business process while improving your business’s overall efficiency and productivity.

Yet, while business process outsourcing certainly is beneficial, it’s still very important to choose the right vendor to outsource your process with, or else it may be counterproductive for your business. This is what we’ll discuss in the rest of this post. 


Choosing a Multilingual Business Process Outsourcing Provider: Key Considerations

While choosing an outsourcing partner for your business processes might seem quite simple at a first glance, in practice it can be quite challenging.

It’s crucial for businesses looking to outsource their business processes to first identify their needs and requirements based on criteria that drive the business’s value. The basic idea is to find a multilingual BPO service provider that can effectively engage your tasks at the quickest time and at the best price while fulfilling your initial objectives, but we all know we may need to make compromises along the way.

With that being said, here are some key considerations you should have when evaluating between different candidates: 


1. Range of multilingual BPO services offered

Different multilingual BPO service providers may cover different ranges of services, and one of the most important considerations when evaluating different BPO companies would be assessing whether the vendor has prior experience in the activities you’re looking to outsource to.

Verify the range of services offered before committing to any multilingual BPO vendors, as well as their experience and capabilities. 

Oworkers specializes in content-oriented services in which we offer a wide range covering data entry, data processing, data annotation, and content moderation. Over eight years of operation, we have processed millions of transactions for over a hundred clients.


2. Industry exposure and client confidence

Check the BPO provider’s previous projects, and check whether there are reviews and testimonies from previous clients. Recommendations from previous clients are always a good sign of high-quality services, and vice versa, you should be worried if there are many negative reviews or no reviews at all. 

Also, assess the range of different industries covered by the multilingual BPO service provider, as well as the number of clients served. Cross-industry experiences, as well as the variety of clients within the same industry, mean the BPO company can handle different project requirements, which can often translate into a more versatile knowledge-base and more overall experience.

Oworkers has served over a hundred clients across a set of widely different industries like companies engaged in dematerialization, aggregators, marketplaces, e-merchants, e-travel players,  AI companies, online media, gaming apps, social media websites, video production houses, universities and accounting firms, to name a few.


3. Multi-site reliability

When you are entrusting your business process or processes to a multilingual BPO service provider, you literally depend on this service provider in achieving your business objectives.

So, what if the multilingual BPO company experiences a power outage when you are on a deadline? What if their facility is affected by a natural calamity? Such events, although infrequent, can occur, and may cause significant delays in the execution of the outsourced business processes, often leading to extra expenses that defeat the purpose of outsourcing.

With that being said, it’s best to partner with multilingual BPO providers that are operating on multiple sites, so when one of these sites is unable to operate, there are others as a backup.

Oworkers provides multilingual BPO services from three of the most preferred global locations for the business. Where required, we are able to provide multi-site support that can also operate as a business contingency measure in the event one of the sites is down for some reason beyond our control. Our sites operate 24×7 and are geared to offer best-in-class turnaround time.


4. Language and cultural support

Cultural and language barriers can be major challenges when outsourcing your business processes to offshore workers. When evaluating multilingual BPO providers, make sure to evaluate whether their workers have experience of working with another client from your location and with your language to avoid these challenges. 

Also, consider future expansion and scalability. You’ll need a multilingual BPO service provider that is able to support your growth when you expand to another location in the future, rather than you having to look for another vendor to support a new language. 

Oworkers supports clients in over 20 global languages covering most of the widely used ones. We are also open to adding languages to our supported list if a client has a requirement outside the list.


5. Project management and transition expertise

Moving your business process over to a multilingual BPO vendor can be easier said than done. You’ll need to consider how a workflow handled by your in-house team today will be handled by the vendor the next day while minimizing downtime. This process is called transition, and in practice, it can be very difficult to perform.

When not handled carefully, faulty transition processes can cause various issues, and quite often they go undetected until the company has suffered significant damage. Make sure to choose a multilingual BPO vendor with enough project management expertise to ensure a smooth, seamless, and error-free transition.

Here at Oworkers, our project management and transition experience have been a key contributor to Oworkers having served hundreds of satisfied clients over eight years. For us, a client’s delivery experience begins the moment a contract is signed and the transition process is initiated, which our Project Management team takes up and downs through to the point where the delivery organization can take it over. Our numerous engagements have also helped us in honing our practices further.


6. Data Security

Business process outsourcing naturally involves the transmission of confidential and sensitive information, and it’s the responsibility of the multilingual BPO provider to ensure the security and integrity of clients’ data. 

In today’s reality when data is increasingly becoming the most valuable asset of many businesses, loopholes in data maintenance can compromise the whole business and may lead to legal and financial repercussions for the company outsourcing its business process.

Oworkers operates from secure facilities and protocols. GDPR compliance is a requirement, not a choice, as we operate from the Eurozone. We are also ISO certified (27001:2013 & 9001:2015).


7. Technology Infrastructure

Modern business process outsourcing relies on technology infrastructure, or else seamless communication and collaboration between in-house and outsourced workers/teams can’t happen.

Here at Oworkers, with 85% of our clients being technology companies, we are always on our toes to stay one step ahead while we serve them. We have forged partnerships with companies that own the technologies needed for our work, which enables us to deploy them in the service of our clients.


8. Attrition Management and Hiring

Evaluate how the BPO company manages attrition of its workers and how it approaches hiring and training new workers. If the multilingual BPO service provider can’t properly manage its attrition, it can affect its performance in executing your outsourced process, which will ultimately be counterproductive. 

Oworkers is deeply committed to the communities we work in. A job with Oworkers is among the more desirable opportunities for people in the workforce which enables us to attract a steady flow of interested candidates for our open positions. It also enables us to ramp up and down for client requirements and seasonal volume handling with ease. We can commit to ramping up by almost a hundred resources within 48 hours. We provide the flexibility for our resources to work from home during the pandemic which also ensures that our delivery continues unhindered.


9. Internal Quality

Internal quality plays a very important role in business process outsourcing: if a multilingual BPO company can’t maintain the quality of its output, the execution of your business process is also at risk.

Oworkers relies on its QA (Quality Analysis) and QC (Quality Control) processes to keep the delivery teams honest. The reporting line of this team is kept independent of the delivery team to ensure their work is not compromised. They also form an important link in keeping senior management informed.


10. Regulatory and Financial Compliance

While you should mainly evaluate a multilingual BPO service’s ability to deliver, it’s equally important to evaluate whether the BPO company is compliant with relevant regulations and whether they are in a financially sound position. 

This way, you can ensure continuity of services in the immediate future. 

Oworkers operates locally registered entities in all its delivery locations. It pays local taxes as well as social taxes from its employees. The work you outsource to us enables us to hire a few more disadvantaged people and help them become a part of the global digital workforce. Oworkers has been a consistently profitable enterprise with practices that help us keep costs in control and share the savings with our clients through competitive pricing.



Oworkers has been ranked amongst the top 3 data entry companies in the world. 

We offer transparent and competitive pricing, ensuring versatility for clients by offering a choice of per unit-of-time pricing or per unit-of-output pricing. 

Our clients have reported savings of up to 80% after partnering with our multilingual BPO outsourcing services, and our clients include a number of unicorn marketplaces and reputable multinational companies, many of which are referenceable and displayed on our website.