Outsource data entry, annotation, categorization & validation & your content moderation in 25 + languages.


Our data entry company offers data entry services, Data entry outsourcing with validation & categorization, Data annotation & content moderation services with awesome technological tools and a Vetted, Managed, Scalable, Economical, Ethical Workforce from our ISO & GDPR compliant centers in Bulgaria, Madagascar & Egypt of more than 400 employees.

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First, we are TRUSTED by SMART start ups & worldwide LEADERS of different industries in need of a top-notch multilingual BPO company offering data entry services, data processing services including data categorization and data validation,  data annotation for AI and content moderation in 25+ languages.

We work for leading Market places, top web aggregators, super smart tech start-ups, AI companies, Fortune 500 companies and also some unicorns but in fact we take care of every company that wants to outsource data entry, data processing, data labeling or content moderation projects.

From big one shot project to ongoing operations with multilingual dedicated team, we have a solution.


outsource data entry Services & DATA PROCESSING like data categorisation and data validation.

  • Catalogs of E commerce products
  • Invoices  processing
  • Customers orders
  • Forms & Documents of Healthcare, Banking & Insurance, Transportation industries…
  • Civil records
  • Books, Legal notices, etc …


OUTSOURCE THE Moderation of YOUR UGC (User  Generated Content) VIDEOS, IMAGES, TEXTS.

Available in 25+ languages and 24X7 365



OUTSOURCE THE machine learning PROCESS of YOUR AI MODEL (Artificial Intelligence).

Scalable Human Data annotation services ,  Data labeling services on :

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Texts
  • Audio files

Set up your specialized data annotation team, we are working with all tools and platforms.



DATA & Contents

In fact, our data entry services help your company to enrich, type or re-type, transform, convert, annotate, moderate, categorize, validate any kind of data & contents with a managed & scalable workforce in 25+ languages : English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Dutch …

To summarize, as a very experienced data entry outsourcing company with years of experience, we master the process of simple data entry processing to more complex processes like data enrichment, data categorization, data annotation, data validation, data conversion & content moderation.

Our data entry company has very strong security ISO 27001 processes to be GDPR compliant, we are also ranked in many rating sites as a leader in our expertise, Always in the Top 3 best data entry services company in the world, we are NOT a “jack of all trades” but master of one > processing data & contents.


Vetted, Hosted, Managed Workforce
Your data operators, data annotators, moderators are screened & managed with QA controllers, supervisors,  project managers hosted in our first grade Infrastructures. We offer strong processes, top data security protocols linked with GDPR compliance, 99 % + accuracy rate.


Up to 4 USD per Hour
Second, we propose very low cost data entry services, data annotation services & moderation services according to your languages,  processes & volume, without compromising the quality.


Stay flexible.
Third, we offer both dedicated teams and scalable teams
(1 to 100+ up and down) cause 70 % of companies that need data entry services have seasonality.


Fast Set up and delivery with guaranteed productivity.
Another key point, our data entry services company incorporates in each SLA (Service Level Agreement) : very fast set up, strict deadline or turn around time, guaranteed accuracy rate & guaranteed productivity per hour.

Furthermore, your dedicated team of data entry outsourcing operators, data annotators or moderators has multi benefits .


First, your outsourced staff can speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Polish, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Russian , Norwegian, Slovak, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian,
+ on demands.


all candidates passed IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), Language level, Accuracy,  typing speed & personality (Myers-Briggs) tests.


Moreover, 85% of your staff will have a master degree level and 100 % of them a High school degree as a minimum.


Indeed, 2 years experience is the minimum to work with us and we use a very strong screening process.


Truly, part of the equation when it’s time to find an data entry outsourcing company have always been the price. We like to prove that you can get low price without compromising the quality.


  • BULGARIA is the best for multilingual BPO & sensible data processing projects with GDPR compliance inside UE.
  • MADAGASCAR for French & English projects,  or non languages oriented projects like data annotation needs is the best.
  • EGYPT for English &  Arabic BPO low cost projects. It is cheaper than India or Philippines with European Time Zone and much better attrition rate and overall skills level.


Cost comparison for Outsourcing countries.

Click on the graph : This is based on A.T. Kearney survey,
a global services location index which compares different countries for data entry outsourcing based on 3 main criteria which are : Talents costs, infrastructure costs & business environment costs (like taxes, transportations etc ).

Data entry companies doing data entry services for clients and businesses around the world.

They increase the knowledge and information available to the digital world but how to choose the right partner ?

The Delivery Challenge for a Data Entry Company

The Iron Triangle, originally used in Project Management, perhaps best exemplifies the challenge faced by a bpo provider.

The three vertices of the Iron Triangle depicted here represent:

  • Quality – What is the expected outcome and its quality, means the accuracy rate we want  ?
  • Time – How much time will it take, what is the expected turnaround time for our project ? 
  • Cost – What will it cost to outsource ?

It is known as the Iron Triangle because the moment you change one of the three parameters, it will impact on at least one, if not both the remaining parameters.

For example:

  • If we allow more time, it might result in better Quality but  increase the Cost.
  • If we reduce our Quality expectation, it might enable us to do the work in lesser Time or at a lower Cost.
  • If we allocate more funds to it, we might be able to hire better resources and consequently deliver better Quality or deliver the same in quicker Time.

As a Data Entry Company, we are continually engaged in balancing the those points.

however, we ensure that the best combination is made available to the client.

Choosing a Data Entry Company to partner with

When you look to outsource your data entry , your goal will be to ensure that you get:

  1. The highest Quality
  2. In the quickest Time
  3. At the lowest Price

Or, since we don’t live in a perfect world, an optimum combination of the three that adds the greatest value to your business.

How do you choose a data entry service provider who will be able to create value for you by consistently delivering the ideal combination of Quality, Cost and Timeliness?

In the ensuing paragraphs we will discuss the various requirements for outstanding delivery for a new data-entry business, whether done inhouse or with the help of a partner to outsource.

If you are evaluating data entry companies for contracting your data-entry work to, the same parameters can be used in the assessment process.

Proven Prior Experience in data entry services

This is the best way to ‘hit the ground running.’

A BPO project generally has a deliberate path and a gradual initiation, as there are a lot of dependencies that can only be put in place one by one :  people resources for example.

The hiring engine of the vendor, whatever its size, will have some capacity limit.

Once hired, the outsourced resources will need to be trained which also has limits to its capacity. They will then go live under supervision.

Also, the quickest way to get off the ground is if the partner has prior experience in the line of work and can release resources to jump-start your work, while other activities of hiring, training, ramping keep happening on the side.

This can happen only if they have prior experience of doing similar work.

We have over 9 years of delivery experience and expertise in a wide variety of data entry services.

As a pure player data entry company, we have been ranked amongst the top 3 in the world with hundreds of satisfied clients on hundreds of different processes and user cases.

Positive Client Testimonials when outsource data entry

It is one thing to say good things about yourself, but quite another when someone else, who does not stand to benefit from it, says good things about you.

What could be the highest validation of the ability of a delivery process?

It would be a testimonial from an existing client certifying the partner’s capability.

And, if the client is from the same industry or a competitor, that would be an even better validation since processes and requirements amongst competitors are often quite similar.

Of course, having a competitor’s data processing being done by the vendor could raise other issues, like security of data, but as a validation of capability, there is perhaps no better way.

Most of our clients are referenceable, and many are listed on our website, a testimony to the transparency with which we operate. We serve very large players along with SMEs

Exposure to a Wide Variety of Types of Data Entry services projects

For a data entry company, it is important to have exposure to a wide range of work in the domain. Data-entry is not one business or one activity.

It is a microcosm of the world of business, with many different types of data-entry requirements, of varying degrees of complexity, requiring different tools and skill sets, serving many different objectives and end goals.

A few common types:

  • Product Data Entry
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Shopify data entry
  • Magento Data Entry
  • Forms Data Entry
  • Order Data Entry
  • Invoice Data Entry

And each of these could be further broken down into many sub-types. For example, there could be many different types of forms, like Credit Card Application Forms, Insurance Claim Forms and School Admission Forms.

Also,  for each client the format will be different, requiring some skilling and customisation.

As a pure player we provide support for data entry services in all the types mentioned above, as well as many others like Civil Records and Books and Texts or data annotation.

Depending on the scale and terms agreed, we are open to offering a free trial with defined outcome based decisions.

Data entry services with a Multilingual Capability

We live in a global world. Many businesses are global and serve customers around the world.

Many others aspire to become global. For both, the ability of a data entry company to be able to process in multiple languages as a result of their global customer base, is an important requirement.

No business would like to go hunting for an additional partner each time they expand.

The partner selected should be an ally in their business growth, not an adversary.

oWorkers multilingual data entry outsourcing services deliver from a European Union nearshore center in Bulgaria and offshore delivery centers in Egypt & Madagascar, giving us the capability of operating in over 25 languages.

In addition to English, our services are offered in the main European languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Irish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Slovak, Croatian, Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish. Our support extends to Hindi and Arabic as well.

Ability to Retain Talents for data entry outsourcing

This is the inverse of attrition which we know is a bugbear of many BPOs, which many data entry companies also struggle with.

This is not the place to delve into reasons for attrition and possible solutions, which is a subject in itself, but it does need to be understood that attrition leads to loss of knowledge.

when trained staff leave and is a financial drain on the employer as they have to continually invest in hiring and training more and more resources and bring them up the capability curve so that client quality does not get impacted.

A vendor who is able to manage attrition effectively will be able to provide greater stability of resources, and consequently knowledge retention, and will be financially better placed to even offer better pricing as compared to other attrition-challenged competitors.

We had set up dedicated teams for different clients.

This enables team members to identify closely with the clients’ business, leading to low attrition. (<5%)

In addition, managing attrition through ensuring reasonable and fair HR practices is an ongoing effort.

We provide flexibility to our staff to work from home when required.

Staying Current with Technology and Data Security when outsource data entry

Being dependent on technology for survival, it is our interest to stay current with technology. For the processing at scale done by a data entry company, keeping abreast of technology trends is a must.

Joined at the hip with technology is Data Security, since, in a digital world, most data resides on servers and is shared through networks.

We are a technology-oriented company. It leverages its relationships with technology companies to ensure that it has access to the best tools for each process. The fact that 85% of our clients are technology companies keeps us on our toes.

We operate from super secure facilities & protocols for your data security, We are GDPR compliant and ISO (27001:2013 certified). Our data security extends to work from home.

We go a step further and segregate physical spaces where work for different clients is carried out, with the help of access control.

We also have many technological partners that allow us to propose for example double entry or even triple checks for some projects.

Ability to hire at short notice when outsource data entry

We are NOT a cloud based company. Our data entry operators are our employees (no freelancers), working inside our facilities most of the time (except pandemic). We are active in the local communities and are a preferred employer. Our relationships give us the confidence to commit scaling up by 100 resources within 48 hours, when required. Clients don’t need to pay for keeping idle resources when volumes are low.

Training for data entry outsourcing

This goes hand in hand with hiring, and the strategy of employing resources without advanced degrees or work experience, and training them to deliver. Not only does the training team need to work on fresh hires, it also needs to keep working on tenured resources who sometimes tend to slip up and revert to old habits that could be detrimental to the job.

We have training teams in all physical locations we operate from active in enabling fresh hires make the journey from fresh recruits to billed professionals. Each trainee’s journey is tracked.

Financial and Regulatory Stability

A business that encounters financial headwinds will strive to battle through them to reach a point of financial stability. In the process, it will, perhaps, make an effort to reduce expenses and cut corners, as it does not have control over the revenue.

While looking to outsource data entry and data processing, one would not like to be saddled with a partner that is encountering financial instability, as that will draw the attention of senior management away from delivery and may force it to cut corners that could adversely impact output parameters. And since the output from the vendor might be an input for another process of the client, it could cause further challenges downstream.

Similarly, it should be ensured that the prospective vendor is on the right side of the law in all respects.

oWorkers has locally registered companies in all its delivery centers. We pay local taxes as well as social taxes for our people. It has been a profitable company and takes on engagements after careful evaluation and discussion.

Internal Quality and Control when outsource data entry

A common practice in a delivery-oriented organisation is the existence of an Internal Quality or Quality Assurance team that, in a way, plays the role a client might, by keeping a check on the performance of the delivery team and also providing coaching and monitoring to delivery personnel where required to enable them to perform better. Of course, the client may not even know of its existence.

The client has outsourced to a BPO company, not to the delivery team or the Internal Quality team of that company. Their role is to improve the quality of the output finally delivered by the organisation as a whole to the client. And also keeping the top management updated on performance.

All client engagements are covered by the Quality Assurance process which enables us to perform at an accuracy rate in excess of 99%. Our team of Quality Analysts (QAs) are often recognised by clients as the most knowledgeable resources, even more than their own staff, in the process.


As a data entry services provider with a focus on data entry and related services, you get unmatched experience and quality from oWorkers. We have delivered to global clients consistently for over 10 years from our three global centers. Our pricing is transparent.

We are as comfortable offering per output (line, form, product, 1000 characters, 1000 keystrokes …) as we are per hour (Full Time Employee) with guaranteed productivity rate.

Our clients, particularly from the US and Western Europe who outsource data entry , have reported savings of up to 80% over their pre-outsourcing costs. Our senior management has over twenty years of hands-on experience in the same businesses. Your search for a data entry company that delivers great quality, in defined turnaround times at competitive prices, should end with oWorkers.

“We believe than smart data entry outsourcing formula” is simple

Best practices based on years of experience and thousands of projects.

Strong processes in term of accuracy, productivity & scalability.


Best technological tools available in the market.

Screened, dynamic and managed talents.
Best countries according to the project languages, specifications, time zone.

= Successful smart outsourcing

outsource data entry with a data entry outsourcing company with multiple delivery centers based in Bulgaria, Egypt and Madagascar with a strong focus on quality and security.

Interested in working with us ?

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