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insights from data extraction

What does it take to extract business insights from data?

While outsourcing, one of the biggest concerns for the outsourcing company is the privacy and security of its business data. It could be about customers, it could be about product composition, it could be about business strategy or it could be about anything else. Rapid advances in digital technology are creating huge storehouses of information and data.

replace manual work with automation

How to balance manual work and automation

Automation has always existed as a desirable goal for mankind, whether in the personal life or in business. Of course, our discussion today is limited to automation in business. And, before we go further, it must be acknowledged that business volumes are coming right back to the levels they were at, before Covid-19 threw a wet rag on the world, and even exceeding them. Transactions are increasing, as are customer contacts with host companies. So, the discussion on automation is relevant all over again.

BPO automation

How Automation is Enabling BPOs Overcome Challenges

In the third decade of the twenty-first century, the debate is no longer whether business process outsourcing (BPO) can save money and reduce turnaround time for client businesses or not. The debate is, by how much, so entrenched has the industry become and so widely accepted its offerings. Some functional areas, of course, lend themselves more easily to being outsourced, such as document processing, than others.