Why a scalable data processing solution provider is required

We live in a data-rich age. Data is being generated around us all the time. So much so that while giving the impression of information symmetry, where each person has access to relevant data, the shoe is really on the other foot. There is so much information that sifting through it to find the appropriate pieces is becoming a monumental task.

The emails we receive. The messages that are being exchanged on the go. The news platforms. The internet. All of them create, communicate, and transfer information.

Information and data are often used interchangeably, and that is perhaps as it should be. We will make a small distinction between the two. Data could be viewed as a fact or as a collection of facts. When put together, processed, viewed in context, and analyzed, data becomes information that is of relevance to a user.

Data-based services are what oWorkers has built its reputation on in its eight years of existence. In this short period of time, it has emerged as one of the top three providers in the world in its chosen space of work.


Relevance of data for a business

Information is a valuable commodity. As competition rises in a free market-driven world, companies are increasingly relying on information and data to steal a march over their rivals and make themselves indispensable to their customers.

Customers buying products is data. It tells a company which products are liked by customers. It also tells the company what customers are buying which products.

Customers seeking support and service is data. It tells a company the nature of problems faced by customers. It tells the company the preferred channels of communication that customers like to use.

Vendors providing services and products generate data. It tells you about their efficiency and the value they add.

There are many more, innumerable, data points that we keep collecting. These data points, if leveraged well, can provide an edge to the company. Every company needs a system to process the data points it can access. This system should be able to handle data of various types as well as varying volumes. It needs to have access to a scalable data processing solution.

Thanks to the relationships it has forged with leading technology companies, oWorkers, today, can access the latest in digital and platform technologies, for meeting the needs of its clients, including data management.


Data needs to be processed

At the point it is collected, data is just that, data. It can also be called raw data. It has no meaning. It has no value or association with anything else. There are a number of processes within data management that are used to different degrees, depending on the type and quality of raw data.

What are these processes and what do they mean?

Data mining

Tapping the sources where data is being generated or collected to extract the items that could hold value.

Data cleansing

The data that is extracted is raw. The end result being relevance, it undergoes cleansing where it is converted into a sanitized version, with the removal of duplicates, enrichment with attributes, and filling in missing items being done.

Data verification

This could be done together with cleansing or as a separate step. Through data verification, a scalable data processing solution seeks to ensure a certain level of quality in the data that will solidify its use for analysis and support of decisions.

Data conversion

Whether done manually or through a platform, data of similar types might need to be combined to constitute a larger universe based on which analysis can be done. This would usually require conversion into a standard format.

Data analysis

This is the end goal. The data so processed should lend itself to analysis and throw up output that is useful for making decisions.

With an avowed policy of working with a multicultural and multinational team, oWorkers is reaping just rewards. As a result of consistent and strict following of this ethic, they are today in a position to offer support in over 20 languages. Regardless of the stage, they will be able to handle it comfortably.


Data and document processing

Where does data come from?

In many cases data comes from documents, or forms, such as invoices, admission forms, checks, social media handles, search engine output, and many others.

Very often the terms data processing and document processing are used interchangeably, with both referring to the need to manage data in an effective manner. Hence, a scalable document processing solution is as much a need as a scalable data processing solution.

Big data is no longer a theoretical construct. It is happening each day we run our operations, and all around us. It is no longer an option for a company to manage this effectively. It has become a need. From being a burden, it is fast evolving as a competitive advantage.

Varied sources of generation could also mean that data is being generated in different geographies, and in different time zones.

Does that create a challenge for oWorkers?

Evidently no, since all their delivery centers are equipped to work on a continuous schedule. Depending on client requirements, oWorkers is always open for work.


The role played by BPO providers

The need of a company is not merely a processing solution. In the context of documents, what they need is a scalable data processing solution.

Why is this the case?

Business is variable, and so are its volumes. One of the time-worn pearls of wisdom in business is to create a capacity that will be able to handle peak volumes.

But, what if the planned peak never arrives? Would it not be a wasteful use of resources, to invest in a capacity that never gets utilized?

The other absolutely contrary wisdom is to create the capacity to handle assured volumes only, leaving overflows to tactical measures.

What is to be done?

Scalable document processing solutions have evolved as a support function, much like Finance and Human Resources, and are offered by established BPO players to corporations. It is becoming a lifeline for enterprises struggling to handle the voluminous data their work generates.

Hence, outsourcing could be the best solution for many companies.

oWorkers is an established name in the BPO industry. One of the many reasons that need to be called out is their unmatched ability to offer scalability in staffing, one of the pillars of the industry. This is made possible by their image of a fair employer in the local communities, which, in turn, has been made possible by promising and actually following fair employment norms.


Benefits of using an expert for scalable data processing solutions

In the modern world, it is no longer necessary to do all or even most of the work in-house. Credible options exist in the form of vendors who can do it at least as well, and many times much better, than the ability of an enterprise to do the same thing in-house.

What are some benefits of engaging a partner for scalable document processing solutions?

Access to experts

Each industry has its own requirements for knowledge and skills. People working in the industry tend to develop their skills and knowledge along certain lines that are relevant to their occupation. It is a big, varied world. Each person can do only so much and no more.

Handling voluminous data across the multiple sources and channels through which it is generated, and making sense of it requires knowledge and skills, somewhat like Accounting and Human resources. Not everyone can handle it.

By outsourcing the process, you get access to experts in the field who do this for a living. This will have a positive rub-off on the outcomes for your business as well.

oWorkers is in a position to access deep talent pools in each of their locations. This results in a ready supply of talent, and even choice, for all their client projects. They are able to save on advertising costs to attract talent which contributes to the sharp pricing they are able to offer.

Access to technology

It is well known that companies find it easier to justify investments in tools and technology that support revenue enhancement as compared to creating operational efficiency or saving costs.

The emergence of data as a differentiator, and as a critical resource has resulted in the development of scalable data processing solutions. These solutions create processing efficiency, reduce manual dependency as well as costs, and provide reliable outcomes.

A vendor positioning itself as a credible provider in this space, and for whom this is a revenue line, will be in a better position to invest in tried and trusted as well as emerging technologies to enhance efficiency and produce better results. Clients outsourcing to such vendors will benefit from these tools without having to invest in them or manage them.

In addition to technology access, the super secure facilities and protocols set up by oWorkers for the security of client data, along with their ISO certifications (27001:2013 & 9001:2015), puts many doubts in the minds of clients to rest. If that were not enough, they are even GDPR compliant.

Focus on business

Instead of getting distracted with activities they do not have the competence for, and doing a bad job there, staff members can continue to what their capability set covers, and do it well. Companies that take on data management activities, run the risk of not only doing it badly but also jeopardizing their core business in the process.

Their focus on staff has a positive impact on their delivery as well. oWorkers has a policy of working with employed staff and not freelancers and contractors which some of their competitors seem to prefer.

As a result, while it places a managerial burden and responsibility, they have been able to develop a supervisory layer of promoted staff who add teeth to their delivery capability.

They pay social and local taxes for staff and are rated over 4.6, on a scale of 5, on external platforms like Glassdoor, by both present and past employees.

Lower cost

Every company looks to maximize revenue and lower cost. With the growth of scale and expertise, they become better placed to seek options for both lowering costs as well as increasing revenue. They are better placed to undertake experiments. They are better placed to negotiate. They are better placed to absorb mistakes. Payoffs from successful efforts is much greater than for a smaller operation.

A vendor specializing in scalable document processing solutions will keep searching for value as it grows. Partnering with them can enable the client to benefit from the same synergies that the provider is going after, resulting in lowering the processing cost.

The oWorkers pricing template of offering a choice between pricing models to clients is widely hailed as revolutionary. Clients absolutely love it. Many of them, especially the ones from Western Europe and the US, are not shy of stating that they save close to 80 percent of the cost when they outsource to oWorkers.

Operational future-proofing

The Earth is in a constant state of rotation and revolution. So is the human world. Always moving, changing, developing. Creating opportunities for some and threats for others. Digital transformation in itself is in a constant state of flux.

Corporations have to keep moving in rhythm with the changing times. For each of the numerous variables that impact them.

By engaging a competent supplier, corporations can reduce this uncertainty in some critical areas, one of them being scalable data processing solutions. A supplier, for whom this is revenue, will make efforts to stay ahead of the change curve impacting their revenue line. Companies hitching their wagon to this supplier will, again, get the benefit of his responses to the evolving situation.

Even otherwise, one’s own requirements can change over time. A supplier with competence in this field is likely to be better placed to handle these changing needs better than the company can do itself.

The leadership team of oWorkers makes them future-proof. With industry experience running into decades, they have led the company from a fledgling to its present state of strength. They are highly regarded in the industry, often even providing advice to clients. They are well-equipped to identify and head off challenges that emerge from time to time.


Last word

oWorkers prides itself on being able to serve others. On its part, oWorkers makes an effort to draw its resources from less privileged communities and give them a start in the digital global economy. Your work will enable them to do this for a few more people.

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